Do Not Ruin Your Wines. Plan Your Custom Residential Wine Cellar Project with a Top-Notch Builder in Las Vegas

Wine cellar Cooling System Installation by M&M Cellar Systems

Custom Residential Wine Cellar Cooling Installation Project Completed by M&M Cellar Systems, One of Our Partners in Las Vegas Construction

Finding that your wine has been ruined due to improper storage conditions can be disappointing. Needless to say, your investment would have gone to waste. Whether you are collecting wine as a hobby or for any business reason, you must keep in mind that poor storage conditions will ruin wine, resulting in a waste of investment. If you do not want this to happen, it is a good idea to hire a reliable contractor who has extensive knowledge in correct wine storage. At Wine Cellar Designers Group, we work with premier builders and manufacturers in Las Vegas and other areas in the United States to convert any room into safe and stylish wine cellar.  

Installing Proper Refrigeration for Custom residential Wine Cellars: How Will it Benefit Las Vegas Wine Collectors?  

Custom Residential Wine Cellars Designed by Las Vegas Experts

Custom Residential Wine Cellars Designed by Las Vegas Experts

Collecting wine is a booming activity in Las Vegas and nationwide– this results in an increased demand for the construction of custom wine cellars in residential homes. A functional and well-designed wine room is a great feature in your home, demonstrating your interests and the things you value. 

Building a functional and appealing wine cellar requires technical knowledge, expertise, passion, and creativity. We have worked with projects where the wine room was added by a contractor who lacks extensive experience and knowledge in proper wine storage. Some builders take shortcuts to reduce the costs and lessen the time of completion.    

After a few years, the homeowners experienced wine storage issues affecting the quality of their wines, and the structural integrity of the walls, ceiling, and racking. At Wine Cellar Designers Group, we have built stunning wine cellars and provided solutions to design and technical related problems.  Our main goal is to help homeowners preserve their prized wines for many years to come.  

What You Must Know About the Importance of a Stable Environment for the Wine’s Aging 

Well Insulated Climate-Controlled Custom Wine Cellar Las Vegas

Well Insulated Climate-Controlled Custom Wine Cellar Built by Las Vegas Specialists

Imagine your excitement when grabbing a bottle of your favorite vintage from one of your wine racks only to find out that it tastes awful. Wine is sensitive to environmental factors such as UV light, heat, odor, and vibration. When exposed to one of these factors, your wines are at risk.  

This is where an efficient wine cooling system comes in. Other factors to consider in wine cellar construction are room and door insulation. The safest place for your wine collection is in a wine cellar equipped with the correct refrigeration that is tightly sealed. Both you and your chosen builder must know the significant role of optimum environment for the proper aging of your wines. 

The Ideal Temperature Range for Residential Custom Wine Cellars: What Our Las Vegas Master Builders Recommend 

The number one enemy of wine is heat. A very hot or very cold environment can be detrimental to your wines. If there are extreme temperature fluctuations in your wine cellar, the overall quality of your wines will be affected. They will become undrinkable, resulting in a waste of investment.    

The ideal range for wine cellar temperature is between 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything beyond or below this range will cause wine faults or wine defects. Signs of wine faults include an unpleasant smell like that of a burnt marshmallow, vinegar, or stewed fruit. Moreover, heat-damaged wine will exhibit a brownish or dull color.   

At Wine Cellar Designers Group, our team and partners in wine room construction always make sure that every client’s wine cellar is the safest place for their favorite vintages. We install wine cooling systems from trusted brands in the USA: WhisperKOOL, Wine Guardian, US Cellar Systems, and CellarPro.  

All of their products are designed to achieve maximum cooling performance. With many options to choose from, it is best that you talk to one of our refrigeration specialists to determine the best type and brand suitable to your needs.  

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Refrigeration System for Custom Residential Wine Cellars in Las Vegas 
Refrigerated Custom Home Wine Cellar Built by Las Vegas Master Builders

Refrigerated Custom Home Wine Cellar Built by Las Vegas Master Builders

An expert in wine cooling should know that there are factors to consider when determining the ideal refrigeration unit for each project. These factors are:  

  • Size and location of the wine room 
  • Number of bottles intended to be stored in the cellar 
  • Aesthetic requirements of the owner 
  • Budget 

At Wine Cellar Designers Group, we perform a heat load calculation to determine the type of cooling unit for your custom residential wine cellar in Las Vegas. It is also important for us to know how the original room was constructed.  

Why Humidity Levels Must be Constant in Your Custom Residential Wine Cellar in Las Vegas 

Completed Installation of Wine Cabinet Cooling System

Completed Installation of Wine Cabinet Cooling System by M&M Cellar Systems

A safe wine cellar must be able to provide your wines humidity levels ranging from 60 to 70 percent. When the humidity in your wine room gets too high, your wines are not safe. You must take immediate action because high humidity levels trigger mold growth and damage the integrity of your walls, ceiling, and wine racks.  

Mold can also grow on cork, which will have a negative effect on the wine’s flavor and aroma. Additionally, mold can damage the wine labels too! If you are experiencing this serious wine storage problem, your wine room may have been built with poor insulation or does not have insulation at all.  

Understanding Room Insulation and Its Role in Keeping the Wine Cellar Humidity Constant  

Correct insulation will prevent the buildup of moisture in your custom residential wine cellar in Las Vegas. It helps the cool air to stay inside the room and prevent the warm air from entering. It also prevents the climate-control system from working too hard because the humidity levels are constant. A refrigeration unit that works harder than its normal operation will break down.    

At Wine Cellar Designers Group, we recommend closed-spray foam for insulating custom residential wine cellars in Las Vegas. This type of insulation has better insulating properties, helps the cooling system to maximize its performance, consumes less energy, and is highly resistant to water.   

Custom Residential Wine Cellar with-Closed-cell-Spray-Foam-Insulation-Installed by Burton & Clark

Custom Residential Wine Cellar with Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation Installed by Burton & Clark, One of Our Members in Wine Cellar Designers Group Las Vegas

Build a Safe Custom Residential Wine Cellar by Working with a Premier Contractor in Las Vegas  

At Wine Cellar Designers Group, we care for your collection. We always make sure that every custom residential wine cellar we build in Las Vegas is designed to store and display precious bottles of wine for many years to come. 

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