Wine Racks

Custom Wine Rack Design Created by a Las Vegas Builder

Custom Wine Rack Design Created by a Las Vegas Builder

Mediocre wine racks will not display your wine collection safely and attractively. If you have a dilemma in choosing the type of wine racks for your needs, Wine Cellar Designers Group in Las Vegas will help you.  We offer tastefully designed wooden and metal wine racks both for residential and commercial applications. We will create the perfect wine storage system for your collection using our expertise, experience, and creativity. 

Tastefully Designed Wine Storage Racks for Residential and Commercial Wine Cellars 

With many styles of wine racks, it is not surprising if you find it challenging to choose the wine storage system that suits your needs. At Wine Cellar Designers Group, our specialists create wine racks with form and function in mind. We understand that the racking that holds your bottle plays an essential role in creating the atmosphere that you want in your wine cellar.  

Whatever your requirements, we will cater to your needs. We offer a wide range of wine racks. We have kit racking and custom wine racks. To help us determine the ideal type of wine rack for your space, we need to gather relevant information from you. We have to know the following: 

  • The overall appeal that you want in your wine cellar (traditional, contemporary, or transition) 
  • Intended number of bottles you want to collect 
  • Shape and size of your wine room 
  • Your budget  

After making a careful assessment of your aesthetic and functional needs, we will recommend the best wine racks. Keep in mind that we will not force you to follow our suggestions. It is still your choice of wine rack that will be used to build your dream wine cellar.      

High Quality Discounted Wooden Wine Racks for Sale – Best Prices

Wooden Wine Racks – Self Assembly Kit Racks

Self-assembly kit wine racks are cost effective and are best for high density storage. No compromises are made in quality between these and custom wine racks. The difference is simply that they come in standard sizes and styles. There are so many though, that they can be mixed and matched to create a wall to wall beautiful wine cellar in almost every case.

The price of these racks is significantly lower. Kits are a great way to rack your room economically. Fillers and extenders can then be added to help to create that “custom” look.

To provide stability and protect your collection, we equip each of our wooden wine racks with horizontal dado spacer bars and a 1.5” toe-kick base. We hand-sand the edges so as not to damage the wine labels. To keep the wine racks in place, we staple and glue them firmly.  

The standard opening for each cubicle is 3 ¾”. Our wooden wine racks come in various widths, heights, depths, and configurations. The most common wood species we use in manufacturing wine racks are Sapele Mahogany, Malaysian Mahogany, Premium Redwood, All-Heart Redwood, Knotty Alder, and Pine.  

Each of these species has its advantages and disadvantages. Our experts will help determine the most suitable type of wood for your needs.

Traditional Wine Rack Styles  

  • Quarter round 
  • Individual wine racks 
  • Column wine racks  
  • Column wine racks with a display row 
  • X bins 
  • Diamond bins  
  • Rectangular bins 
  • Solid lattice  
  • Lattice bin and case 
  • Arch with a tabletop 
  • Glass wine rack 
  • Horizontal display rack 
  • Waterfall wine rack

Custom Wine Racks: Ideal Option for Wine Collectors Who Want to Create a Unique Wine Display Area in Their Wine Cellar  

If you want your racking to be designed and built to fit the size and shape of your wine room, you must opt for custom wine racks. This option will also help maximize the storage capacity of your wine cellar because it allows you to utilize every space well.   

Although more expensive than kit wine racks, customizing your racking will allow you to incorporate your own design. You can add features to increase the appeal and functionality of your wine cellar.   

At Wine Cellar Designers Group, we always want our clients to have a wine room that reflects their personality. To create an exceptional wine display, we combine different racking styles.   

Impressive Custom Wine Racks Designed by Our Partners in Las Vegas

Stylish and Functional Custom Wine Rack Designs by Wine Cellar Designers Group

Stylish and Functional Custom Wine Rack Designs by Wine Cellar Designers Group

Metal Wine Racking Solutions

Metal Wine Rack Styles by VintageView Including the Wall Series, Floating, and Bottle Island

Metal Wine Rack Styles by VintageView Including the Wall Series, Floating, and Bottle Island

Contemporary wine displays have been increasing in demand both in residential and commercial wine cellar construction. We use metal wine racks to create modern wine cellars. They are sleek, elegant, and easy to install. They go well with any décor.  

At Wine Cellar Designers Group, we recommend metal wine racks from VintageView. They are one of the most trusted providers of stylish and functional wine storage systems in America. Their metal wine storage systems are available in various styles and capacities.  

We also offer Cable, STACT, and Ultra PEG wine racks. Some are made from wrought iron while some are stainless steel. Depending on your wants, we will utilize the metal wine rack system that caters to your needs.  

Learn more about the different types of metal wine rack systems offered by Wine Cellar Designers Group.

Advantages of Metal Wine Racks 

  • Add a luxurious appeal to your space 
  • Offer convenience in browsing wines (label forward bottle configuration) 
  • Easy to install  
  • Flexible (available in freestanding and wall-mounted units) 
  • Durable (made from high-quality metal) 
  • Elegant design options (beautiful stains and finishes available) 
  • Maximizes storage space (can fit tiny corners and narrow spaces) 
  • Easy to increase the storage capacity  

Talk to One of Our Specialists Who Can Help Choose the Perfect Wine Racks for Your Space 

Avoid the mistake of choosing the wrong style of wine racks. Work with Wine Cellar Designers Group to ensure that your precious wines are stored and displayed in durable and tastefully designed wine racks. We offer wine storage systems that suit every budget.  

If you are looking for a reliable wine rack designer and manufacturer in Las Vegas, call us today at +1 (702) 475-5399!